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Hi! I am a Professor of digital systems verification at the Department of Computer Engineering of Tallinn University of Technology and the leader of the Dependable Computing Systems Design (DCSD) research group that obtained the highest grades in the 5/2015 International Evaluation Report of ICT Research in Estonia. I received my M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology in 1997 and in 2001, respectively. I am a member of IEEE Computer Society, HiPEAC and a member of steering/program committees of several conferences. I have co-authored more than 200 scientific publications. I am the General Chair of the IFIP/IEEE VLSI-SoC’16 Conference and the Program Co-Chair of CDN-Live’16. I served as the General Chair of IEEE DDECS’12, Vice General Chair of IEEE DDECS’13, Program Chair of IEEE DDECS’15 and Local Organization Chair of IEEE European test Symposium 2005. I was awarded the national Young Scientist Award (2004), Estonian Academy of Science’s Bernhard Schmidt Award for innovation (2007) and the Order of the White Star 4th class medal by the President of Estonia (2016). I am currently coordinating the Horizon 2020 RIA IMMORTAL and the Horizon 2020 Twinning project TUTORIAL. I am also the local lead of the FP7 collaborative research project BASTION. Previously, I acted as the coordinator of the EU’s FP7 DIAMOND collaborative research project and the local lead of the FP6 STREP VERTIGO. Until now, 9 PhD Theses have been successfully defended under my supervision.

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